Idea to bring a new functionality to the yup protocol:

With all the movement and options, opportunities that open up in the meta verse I think it could be an opportunity for the Yup platform to include us in this current and in such a way I came up with the following idea:

  • That the platform has the possibility of generating quality certificates which would score the content creations and everything related to the meta verse.

  • The certificates would be an NFT itself, which would contain the information of the object as well as its score assigned by the Yup network.

  • The certificates would be sold by the Yup platform to anyone who owns a digital object who requests it and who wants to have a (Yup healing certificate) for their digital object

  • this would be to add more functionality to the platform and a way in which the platform could offer a service within the meta verse

  • I was inspired by this by the services offered by companies and people who certify in the real world the quality and originality of an object and I believe that there is a vacuum even in the meta verse which can be filled by the yup platform to offer this service.

I hope with this idea to contribute to this project which has been interesting to me from the moment I enter it.


Hey @JoseLcaminante, thanks for posting. This is a cool idea. I completely agree we’re in a strong position to offer quality certification through the Yup score, and we want to leverage that as much as possible, but I’m not sure selling the Yup score as an NFT is necessarily the best use of it.

As a team we feel that the Yup score can provide an extremely valuable service in open-source or as a web3 plug-in for projects looking to have social value metric for their protocol or platform. I think there’s huge utility there would expand on what we’re already doing.

What do you think?

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Greetings, if I think you are right to offer that service as NFT is not the most appropriate. Because it would not cover, nor would it have the same scope that it would have as open source on Web3, I think that the subject of certification is one of the many services that the Yup platform can provide, I hope that the team can channel this idea and in the future offer (Yup quality certificate) to any person or company that is within the Web3

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That’s the plan :slight_smile:. Appreciate you putting the work in to think deeply about this stuff

I like this a lot. Will dive deeper

It’s okay, I’ll think a little more and I’ll delve a little deeper into this idea :+1:

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November 18

I like this a lot. Will dive deeper

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Greetings and good morning I have placed a new post in the forum deepening a little more about this idea