Idea for Posts on Yup app

Hello, yupsters,

We are all very excited about the Yup app. There was a brief talk about the “posts” on Yup. We are all in for it.

So, the idea is to allow users to publish on-chain actions as “posts” on Yup. It is not always about what you want to create or say on social media; what better way than show off your own on-chain action!!! For example, if a user minted a very limited edition token gated NFT with some hyped project, he/she can publish this action, mint, as a Yup post! People can verify the action on the chain and upvote the action and eventually increasing the influence and reputation on-chain!

The lens is all about general-purpose social media. Yup can be more than that. Providing on-chain proofs as a publication.

We can design UI for these kinds of posts. And eventually, cross-platform publishing with Lens and Farcaster will gain traction too.

What do you all think?


Awesome idea Harsh!! This would be a great way to build buzz, since people love to flex their achievements. Let’s make Yup the best place to do that in web3.

I think this is really the future of web3 social in general – using your on-chain activity as your social activity. That takes us to a place where we don’t have our “real” lives and the lives we project on social media, but a true version of us that exists everywhere.


Absolutely agreed!
@nir ?

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