Idea for active Discord

Hi Yupster!

My proposal is that we have a bot in the community to give small tips to the active users of the community, where each Yupster, if he wishes, could rain down $Yup for certain active users at a certain time. With this idea, if each Yupster at their desire can reward active users, I think we can see an increase in active Yupsters if they see that quality contributions are rewarded on the server and it is really important to take into account that with the bot you can reward users for their quality contributions through a tip, in addition to the fact that it can be distributed in rains to several active users at a certain time and this can attract more users to participate.


Very interesting idea in my opinion, with a bot of this type where you could give tips in $YUP to active users can attract more attention to users to become daily active users, and if I have seen the use of calls rains on other servers where they distribute a certain amount of a token to active users of an hour, and although small rewards this makes many users interested in being active.


I like the idea, I agree


This sounds good, but the team has already implemented tasks via Wonder, where they reward users for certain activities. There has been users outside the Yup community wanting to participate in those activities to get rewarded, but somehow only a few members of the Yup community seem interested in them. Maybe itโ€™s because the rest donโ€™t understand how to join/use Wonder.

Also Wonder is better to keep track of users activities since they can/need to submit their work before is approved by someome from the team before its payed out.

This is a great idea!! Does anyone have experience in creating Discord bots?


I did setup the same bot mentioned by @skyempire90 , but it doesnโ€™t support $YUP, we would have to use another token to tip users.