How to make Yup app more attractive?

As of now, users can directly vote on content from the web app.
For example, a tweet. If users are vote directly from the Yup app, it reduces the tweet impressions and potential interactions with the tweet. That may not be ideal for the tweet or any content. We should remove voting from the app and redirect users to the original post/content.

I respectfully disagree. Redirecting people to the original site from the web app adds a ton of friction and makes them much less likely to consume other content on the Web app.

Ultimately we care about curating and showcasing good content. Twitter’s impressions/engagement shouldn’t be our KPI.

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Assume this; you posted a tweet and a YT video, and I curated it after liking and watching it. This brings organic impressions to your tweet and video. Now, this yup protocol you heard of is web3 social media. People can rate your content there, but you’re getting votes on Yup instead of getting organic impressions. Would you care to tweet or make a video about this protocol? Probably not because your content is not getting any benefits from being rated. If this protocol gets you more views to your YT video and more likes on your tweet, you are more likely to use it and talk about it.