Help. i can't use yup

This is my last message to @nir @PBJ @daniiba
i found three of you as official

i was roaming in yup discord and i saw that people are mis-using yupp extension to get yup tokens

yet here i’m genuinly trying to get into this thing and you won’t let me

my older posts are no longer open for discussion

if i do not get response to this, i will never be using this thing again

Hi, I have seen that in a previous message you said your email was approved.

It has been said like a million times before after your email is approved, the account is not created at that moment, you need to signup again using that email that has been approved.

Good luck.

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I did try what you said.

it shows error that “that email already has been claimed” when I signup with my approved email.

when i login with approved email, it shows error that “account not found”

i clearly remember my password. so do not throw that on my face.

now tell me what to do.

“that email already has been claimed” means someone made an account with that mail, so you should have not shared your email here on the forum before.

explain one thing to me:
“I” created my account on yup. HOW me sharing my email here could have cause “someone made an account with that mail” this???

If someone attempts to use my email, they WILL need to confirm it in order to use it and CLAIM it, right?

no logic i found in your statement.

i ALWAYS write down my passwords when doing something online. i did the same with yup password. so, i did not forget my password.

it is ONLY yups fault. inability of them that they are not able to make it easy.

i hope you understand my situation clearly now.

Once an email is approved, anyone can use it to make an account.

If you have no recollection of making an account after your email was approved and you get the “already claimed” message then it means somebody else used that email to create an account is simple like that.

dude, i remember making account AFTER approval. very well remember it.

it is very easy to assume that other person you are talking to is stupider than you.

i took every step necessary. i remember my password. yup says i dont.

If you are sure you made an account and you know the exact date you can check the blockchain on that date to verify the account was made. Also, encryption and decryption of wallet keyring in any wallet app is usually done by fully tested algorithms that will not have bugs, so it’s impossible to not be able to login if you have the correct user/pass.