Follow top reward gainers' curation?

Some users regularly sit on the top of the reward listing. Is it possible for some users to follow their actions to get higher rewards instead of doing their own curation?

Also, we suggest hiding or delaying showing the number of votes shown in the extension to avoid users curating by data.


This is what I was thinking: not to see the votes of a link for at least 24 hours or maybe a little more, because there are people who do not vote something if it has 5-10 votes, they want to be the first in everything and then we see links that do not exceed 15 votes, and it is possible that those who do not vote things with more than 15 votes are first in the list that you mention.

But this is already part of the problem of users who are on YUP to make as much daily money as possible and Iā€™m sure they are not there to curate content.

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We did see some problems here but did not see any progress in solving them.