[Feedback] ~ Promote more competitions for the community

What’s up guys! I hope you’re all having a good time, we recently had a meme contest in the community and I certainly enjoyed it a lot! I think a healthy way to get more enthusiasm and participation on the discord, is to promote more of these competitions, like 1 every two weeks, with the winners being rewarded with some Yups’s Tokens. What do you guys think?

Topics or themes that could be.

The most beautifully curated NFT of the week.

The most intellectual Tweet of the week.

Funniest curated You Tube video of the week.

Something like this I’ve been thinking and I’d like to know what you think, if it’s possible or not possible because reasons, keep voting! :smiley:


It Would be great and funny! Yupyupyup

I think it should not be limited only to community but open for all. An announcement by tweet at the beginning of the competition, we all will retweet it for more reach. That way more new people will come to know about Yup.


Love this idea. We’re big fans of meme and curation competitions, they’re fun/funny and encourage people to curate quality content, so like the idea of making it more routine. Right up our alley


How about weekly or bi-weekly or monthly competitions?

  1. Twitter meme competition, open for all
  2. Community meme competition, on discord

Winning memes will be combed in official “collection”.

  1. Articles/infographics/video competition, open for all.

Winning entries will get place in official collection and will be featured in tweets.


Wow, those Ideas are nice. People will be more encouraged to yup if it can be executed.


Hey can you expand on the third option? Where do the article and infographics come in?

Articles explaining protocol, promoting it etc.
Infographics doing similar thing but visually and in creative way.
Similar thing with the videos.

All these on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Publish0x, YT or any other website/blogs.

We took your advise :slight_smile:

We set up a clickup task for this and one of our community members is now taking point on this! Let’s see those memes in Discord :frog:


That sounds awesome!!