Error with the limit of votes with some users

Some users in the Spanish channel have been presenting errors in some moments to vote, maybe they have 25% rating and it does not let them vote with the following message:

I have asked a Yupster for a YUP user to verify the information they give me and I find that before the migration he had 45 $YUP in his possession and currently he has 135 $YUP in his polygon account linked to his YUP profile.


I have been able to verify that he can only vote 90 times and it is possible that the new amount of daily votes he can make by having 100 $YUP in his possession has not been updated.

Since I am not the one who is presenting this error I am going to ask the users who present this error to comment with their YUP account information so that the team can verify this error.


Good morning, I’ve been voting for 4 days and I can’t consume my full rating, it always stays at 25% and doesn’t let me vote anymore, who can help me please?

my Diosesprimero7 account presents this error if you can help me I would appreciate it

Tengo el mismo problema, incluso tengo dias donde mi raiting esta en 100% y no permite curar… con el mismo mensaje que mensionan… que puedo hacer?

Hola sigo presentando el mismo error, mi cuenta es @yup_family y ahora esta peor… tengo el 100% raiting y no me permite curar… PLEASE HELP ME!