Create nfts for the most curated sources

One friend of mine thought all valuable news should be stored on chain as nft. I agreed with the idea while it is pretty hard to define whether the new is valuable. In terms of YUP curation, the value of sources(news) could be measured by how many people are going to curate them.
Based on the idea above, I want to share my proposal. Based on the curation ranking result(daily, weekly or monthly), create NFT for each of the several top most curated sources. Then, these nfts could be auctioned or sold directly using $yup. The owner of these nfts could get rewards when others curate them.
To do that, yup community could help to store something valuable. Also, it is a good way to add $yup utility.
As I know, the curators now could curator nft on the platform like opensea so these nft should not be selected to be used again. For the source selection, I prefer news at first but it could be any valuable option anyway.


Your idea is great, it only has one huge problem if you mint content that you don’t own it doesn’t look good.

There are already huge scandals about authors that complain that people mint NFT’s of their stuff to rip them off.

Personally, I am no fan of IP rights in fact in my ideal world IP rights would be abolished or at least restrained to a max of 1 year because in general they only serve to enrich a wealthy minority.

But as it is in the current context I think minting content on behalf of someone that didn’t specifically give you permission is a tough call.

Edit: Also the idea of yup having an own NFT marketplace that uses YUP as currency has been floated a dozen times in 2021, I mean personally I don’t think is a bad idea, because a small marketplace made as an extension to YUP frontend app would not require a huge amount of dev resources, but also is not something that can be done very fast, and from what I know that’s not a top priority right now.

Yeah, copyrights should be a big concern here. One possible way to solve ‘IP rights’ issues is to cooperate with these curating sources. By the way, it could be a good timing for web2.0 apps or websites to jump into web3.0 through yup community. However, it must be complicated because the cooperation must reach an agreement among resource providers, creators, and yup dao.

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this is v interesting!

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