Cool use cases for the collections

  1. We can organize a Web3 treasure hunt in which people will “collect” the web items based on clues provided by Yup or partnered projects. The participants will submit a single collection of items and users with the most accurate collection will win the prizes!
    The clues can be anything from a txn hash, an NFT, an account, a tweet, a documentation page, etc. This will create a real-life treasuree-hunt-like feeling but on web3!

  2. We can make Yup collections Web3 bookmarks. Just like normal bookmarks, Yup collections can be accessed as bookmarks of the collected items.
    I personally bookmark my collected items and I don’t want to do both. Users can “import” collections of other users too. These collections will be accessible through the extension for the web and on the app once the mobile app is ready.

  3. Collections can be a tool to partner with different NFT projects to CURATE their NFTs in different rarities, different characters, different floor prices etc. So that users looking to purchase that project’s NFTs don’t have to sort them. This will save time for users, NFTs will be sold quickly resulting in an increase in the value of Yup.

I would suggest team to make collections a feature accessible to the users with YUP holdings, i.e. users with good influence to maintain credibility and quality. This will motivate new users to either purchase YUP or earn by curating.



Hi Harsh, I really like these use cases for the collections and maybe we could add more.

I see some potential in collections. Think of a very influencial user from twitter that creates his own collection and makes it private, there would be users wanting to see what’s inside the collection, maybe paying a suscription to see every collection or a one-time payment to unlock 1 specific collection. This would create some demand for the token and I would suggest a distributtion of 60% to the creator of the collection and maybe burn the other 40%. (every payment would be made in $YUP).

what you think? :slight_smile:

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Interesting one!

The subscription-like mechanism will only work if we bring up the quality of collections. For example, would you pay for a collection that has the top 100 curated NFT marketplaces? or would you rather wanna see a collection of the top 5 curated NFT marketplaces? What I mean is that unlimited items in one collection is an issue, in my opinion.

People have different tastes, I wouldn’t pay for a NFT collection, I’m more into trading.

If a trader adds something to the collection and keeps updating it daily, I’m gonna definitely want to see every update. In this case, unlimited items in a collection are a pro.

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Agreed. I used NFTs as an example.

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Personally I don’t like a private collection, I think it should be public and if I want to import it I should pay a fee to the creator, or just give like to each thing that is in the collection, vote for the links and import it manually, this makes that in some way or another the creator of the collection can be rewarded, either by paying a fee or curating all the content of the collection.