Considering Color Coding

What do we think about the colors at the moment, reflecting Yup Score?
Is red bad from a UX standpoint? Should the color code ranges change?

Updating docs soon…


Red and Green show different states of a profile.

For most users, Red would mean low rewards and Green would mean a good chance of earning rewards.


I think is a good idea to put the score on the extension and profile, but maybe you should put red color on users that don’t have a score to receive rewards, like from 0 to 1.1.


For me, red means bad.


if for many we know red, as something is wrong, and green, as we are doing well.

It’s like the traffic light, the green one goes forward, and the red one stops.


hello red is always associated with blockage i would like to continue as we have been doing orange yellow green and turquoise in a more real way we know how our healing work is going.


So for the yup score, there are only 2 users that have a score greater than 30.
The yup user weight (influence), there are around 47 users that have more than 50.

The idea is you can derive the colors from either yup-score or weight.( currently are derived from yup -score )

The weight is associated with raw influence, meaning rewards and influence on the network ( it has as components token age, activity, yup-score, diversity score)

The yup-score represents activity in EVM space, tokens, EVM account age, transfers, Spanshot, PoH etc

I agree that probably red should be reserved for blocked accounts only…

The function for calculating weight has a curve shape such that is very hard to hit 99… but is much easier to reach like 30-40 You’ll need at least around ~800k raw influence to reach 99 whereas something like 55k raw influence will give you the weight close to 85-89.

This is a thing very common in games(especially MMORPG)… where in order to keep the game going reaching the end is almost impossible, but also for this color schemes are more UX friendly In games is common to have like up to 16 colors, where each color is assigned to a specific level interval/ trait, etc.

In my opinion, users should want to have this weight calculated like this because it will approximate much more closely in relation to the raw influence, so only from a glance, you will know what’s your approximate raw influence without going to yupLive.

Probably the raw influence should be shown on the analytics page at least.
But that analytics page needs an absolute refactoring in terms of how is now working/not working…


Thanks for a brief explanation

Morning. I completed one year in the protocol in May 2022 and they lowered me to the red level, it’s been 5 months and I’m still in the red. If someone could please explain. Thank you

Hello, for what reasons do they block?

Hello. Reading previous comments I find out that going from turquoise to red is due to blocking. I completed 1 year in the protocol in May 2022 and since then they changed me to red. I do not know the reasons for the block and I do not know the procedure to be unblocked. Could someone please guide me? Thank you

As long as you don’t have influence 0 you aren’t blocked.

The color is now derived from yup_score not influence anymore, to be turquoise you would need a very high yup_score.

Even if an account is banned, and has big YUP score will still be showed as green where colors are shown.

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Thanks for the clarification andrei0x309

Hi, how are you. I wanted to ask you if you know why you can’t vote for a month? Or will it be my account that doesn’t allow me? Thank you

oh I forgot, I have not received rewards from July 2022 to the present date and I don’t know why

1 For rewards:
So to get rewards, you need some things, like a score above 1.5 ( you can check YUP Live )
Enough influence, enough votes after you, and, an ETH address linked to the account.
I can check your account if you give me a username or something to identify it.

2 For voting… Maybe your auth token expired, initially 90 days but we changed it to 1200 days. If it is expired, you need to re-login, ( this alternative extension: yup live - Chrome Web Store says exactly why you can’t vote if you ever get a voting error)

yes, my account is linked to ETH, user yanelydavila

You have 0 score in DB, need > 1.5 to be eligible for the rewards system.

I received them until I was one year in the protocol in May 2022 and then I did not receive more

What should I do to get to 1.5?