Community Meeting Recap 9/30/21

General Updates:

  • Gearing up for substantial announcements and updates + clean ups and revisions for the extension
  • Currently working on making the Yup Score more robust
  • Scalable rewards are done soon - will be out by the beginning of next week
  • Adding collections to the search function - will be done today/tomorrow
  • The updated Yup score for Twitter has been implemented - using Web2 twitter data for a more accurate Yup score around people’s accounts and tweets

Community Discussions

  • Alternative layout for the profile on Yup - The issue is that it takes too long to scroll through the entire content of a profile. Solution: multiple columns/filter feature
    -Removing the comment section.
  • Use of POAP
  • Incorporating RICE score - a framework for prioritizing tasks and projects - into proposals ideas