Community Meeting Recap 9/23/21

General Team Updates:

  • Looking to deploy scalable reward next couple weeks, allowing people to vote mor
  • Improved onboarding by testing and solving issues around email sign-up as well as improvements in wallet connect on Ethereum
  • Working with an artist to do cool NFT art, various designs and collaboration for some of our future announcements
  • Implemented Age and Activity Updates

Community Discussions:

  • Potentially Implementing upper cap on LP rewards per user - The issue with that is that a user can create multiple accounts and that becomes more costly for the bridge and everyone involved
  • Influence low to 20 in the extension - The on-chain influence hasn’t changed at all but we changed the algorithm for normalizing it
  • Batching mechanic in our whitepaper will make voting popular accounts and collusion less lucrative
  • Proposal to make the symbol/design for rated posts to be more noticeable

Thank you sir for the summary.