Community Meeting Recap 12/09/21

Team Updates:

  • Members can stop by the castle to hang out
  • at the beginning stages of migration (preparing to announce)
    • migration will happen in polygon and will be done in phases — first phase will be around the token, followed by identity, and final step is protocol mechanism
  • Working heavily on revamping UI/UX and improving onboarding to make sure the whole experience is more robust
    • building a wallet page on the web app, revamping the voting button and wallet features
  • Working heavily on ETH metadata stuff and trying out a few experiments around that to celebrate specific users and curators
  • Expanded on the badge system on the DAO level
    • Awarding badges for various achievements that users have done
    • grant access to specific things
    • incentivize and celebrate users who are achieving stuff on yup
  • Metadata front - building a system for internal focus group to gather feedback on the interface and the things we are building
  • Governance and DAO - put up a proposal for allocating treasury funds to coordinate the DAO quests
  • DAO quests
    • Confusion about DAO channel and discord: we created another bot which will be sending links to the relevant DAO channels to coordinate DAO quests
    • A team member setting up specific projects, tasks, and quests which will allow the community to vote on who deserves awards

Community Discussion:

  • Web3 Metadata as Content -
  • Revamping the whole UI/UX across the board and ensuring we use a standard across the app as well as building a wallet page in the web app
  • DAO Quests
    • Guests can create tasks - If you feel you have valuable proposals, you can create tasks.
    • If you have solutions to certain issues, you can create a quest and earn rewards for it

thanks for taking notes @Ella!