Community Meeting Recap 10/8/21

Team Update:

  • v1 for off-chain rewards is out! Off chain rewards is the first step in reducing our dependency on EOS and significantly reduces are resource costs (Big)
  • Creator rewards - Est time: Early next week - people who have their Yup accounts linked to twitter will be rewarded for ratings/likes they receive on their tweets and profile
  • Influence scores - Tweaking the normalization algorithm so that there’s a greater diversity of scores
  • Wrapping up things with Yup Score and the extension

Community Discussion:

  • Use of POAP badges for people who attend the meetings
  • Get rid of the comment section for now- achieved consensus on this
  • Turning toggle option for passive rating and remove passive rating for comments on Twitter
  • Yup integration on Discourse

It sounds great that we are reducing our dependency on Eos which saving some extra cost.
And another tremendous thing is a toggle for Twitter to turn off passive rating when I don’t need it .
Thanks for these upcoming upgrades.

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