Community Meeting Recap 10/14/21

Roadmap: ClickUp


  • Planning to launch NFT Creator Rewards - build a revenue stream for creators then owners of NFTs
  • Social token creator rewards - YUP rewards for social tokens holders
  • Mobile app for Yup → Looking to launch v1 in march
  • Migrating to a different chain - Migration will be done in phases over the next year.
    - Step 1: Moving the token - rewards will be distributed and collected on that chain
    - Step 2: moving the protocol
    - Step 3: DAO migration

Community Discussion:

  • Governance improvements - looking to leverage snapshot to enable users to vote with YUP on EOS
  • Marketing Creator Rewards - Creating an interface that allows NFT Creators to see how much YUP they’ve earned for their NFTs, and have them share to earn their allocation.
  • POAP (proof of attendance protocol) - Mint NFTs that represent attendance to the community meetings

There are two major concerns I think are unaddressed:

  1. Identity verification
  2. Better onboarding process

Roadmap is really really promising. My suggestion is to pin the link to roadmap on Yup app and website.

I missed the meeting, can you explain how Creators will participate in Yup protocol other than receiving YUP rewards? I think if we distribute mYUP token instead of YUP, it will be better for the treasury. 1 mYUP = 0.1/0.01/0.001 YUP. mYUP can be converted on the bridge while withdrawal. This will open whole new community engagement of micro transactions to Creators and Curators, tipping will be possible.

Suggestion for app: Please make sure it is minimal and clutter free. Otherwise people will not prefer to use app. An inspiration for Yup app can be OpenSea app. You can’t trade on the mobile app but it is still useful for navigating, keeping eye on NFTs, profile management and more. I hope team will consider this.

What things are included in Web app v3? Will that be before migration or after migration? Will that reduce dependency on Yup wallet and make Metamask default?