Community Growth Initiative

Since the team is putting effort into the building, we should try to promote Yup on different platforms. Our primary and easy-to-acquire users are those with knowledge of the crypto space. So, it makes sense if we begin putting content on different web3 platforms.

Here are some of the web3 social-centric platforms:

  1. Lenster
  2. Share-to-earn decentralized social platform | Phaver
  4. Orbis | Web3 Social Network
  5. iris (

These are apps on Lens Protocol. I suggest all of you begin with the Phaver app. It will give you chance to mint Lens Handle in a very short time.

Other platforms:

  1. Odysee
  2. Publish0x - Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging

Our main objectives include:

  • Creating network of Yupsters to share, reshare, like, and produce content related to Yup.
  • Guides and how-to-yup content.
  • Support each other’s content to gain popularity.
  • Gain new users.
  • Increase Yup’s social media followers, discord members.

Major social media like Twitter is filled with “new and groundbreaking” projects. So, I suggest not to join that train directly. Instead, we should focus on YT Shorts, TikTok etc.

Any other platforms you guys have in mind, do share.


Hey @harsh I am interested in obtaining Lens Handle.

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The easiest way I know is through the Phaver app. You need to use the Phaver app on your phone, which does not need Lens handle, and then submit your application for whitelist on their discord server. I am not aware if this campaign is still going.