Collection Tags

@harsh: Since we are talking about SEO, have you thought of including # tags to the collections? For example, maximum of 3 tags for any collections are allowed. No same/similar tags. That will appear on the search engines and catch up with the trends in minimal way.


It can be like “Add flair” feature of Reddit.

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Tags are a great way of creating quality content especially when you have a dedicated user base.

Search engines don’t have a direct way to detect tags more so, since keywords have been long deprecated, but are trained to detect quality and grouped content in general, so if it leads to quality content it will also lead to better SEO.

Also, a big improvement in SEO can come from optimizing the frontend performance, to do this a plan can exist like this:

  • pause active development of frontend app
  • migrate from CRA to either Next / Remix or even rewrite with a different codebase like Nuxt
  • stop prerendering service
  • move frontend to a specialized frontend hosting service like Vercel, Netlify, or Cloudflare
  • enable hybrid SSR/SSG
  • remove reliance on heavy component libs
  • resume active development of frontend app

This should raise the lighthouse score to at least 80-100(B-A) territory.
Obviously, that’s a lot of work…

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This plan sounds good!