Bug with the names of the NFTs that are in a collection in https://foundation.app/

As the title says there is a bug with the NFT names that are in the collections of the page https://foundation.app/ which is which in the extension the name of the NFT is different from the real name of the NFT creating confusion with people who vote something and see in the extension another name although the link is the same, I hope to explain better with the images:

NFT name: 03: Titan Sapphire Pearl Ivy
Url: https://foundation.app/@Spydenator/aiart/4
Collection: Imaginarium AI

When voting it shows the real name of the NFT in the extension.

But after the vote is registered in the active extension it shows another name (if you click on it, it will take you to the NFT that was actually voted, which has real name) causing confusion that it is registering other votes from other NFTs.

Even in app.yup.io in my profile it shows another NFT that is not the one I voted for, but if we click on it it will take us to the NFT that was voted for.

And I think this bug is due to the format of the NFT links that are in the collections:

URL of NFT that is not in a collection: https://foundation.app/@dBlasphemy/~/114835
URL of a NFT that is in a collection: https://foundation.app/@Spydenator/aiart/4

I clarify that the NFT that are not in the collections if you see the correct name in the extension and the correct image in the app.yup.io feed.

URL of that NFT: https://foundation.app/@Hosseinzare/~/114740


Hey @cryptoleon, good catch! Thanks for letting us know about this. Sharing this with my devs now.

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