Brand New Yup Finance Design

Hello Yuppers,

I’ve found that current is not that much user friendly and “Racing” does not appeal to “staking” in my opinion. I’ve took liberty to reimagine the Yup Finance dashboard that is much more user friendly, more detailed, easy to use.

Here’s the link to Figma:
(Colour scheme is subject change by the dev team)

@nir @daniiba @PBJ please comment your views. Is this possible to build?


I think this would be a great idea. Full integration and information at your fingertips all in one location. Bringing together different data into one centralized spot.


I really like this, and think treating the financial aspects of Yup with seriousness and aggregation is the right approach.

What template did you use? Would be helpful for the development.


Here’s the template I used:
Dashboard Design – Figma

This is the kind of things we can complete in relatively short time if posted the bounty on Gitcoin.

I’m open to trying! What would you price it at on Gitcoin?

This might be more difficult than you would think because:

  1. Cross-chain means multiple wallets usually
  2. Hard to build off of Figma without a React/Vue template

But I like it a lot! Would love to do. @daniiba what do you think?

First, I’m not a developer so I don’t know how much bounty amount should be. We can create bounty amount in $YUP/$USDC.

For beginning, this new platform will be accessible only by Yup extension wallet to keep it easy.

I think its a great idea! I’d suggest we start with a bounty of 500 YUP and see how much interest there is?

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Sounds good.
When are you posting the bounty?

I like the new design, it’s clean and intuitive! <3

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There are other CSS templates on GitHub.

Has there been any progress or update with this?

Hey guys, we talked about the dashboard in yesterdays meeting and came to the conclusion, that we’d want to have this directly in One reason for this is, that the current design you shared, still needs to be converted to a react app, and we’d have to port over a lot of utilities from our app(wallet, statemanagement etc.), which will make this a lot of effort for the person building (we can reduce the effort, if we use what we already have in our webapp).
Also we think having the dashboard on the same domain as, will make it easier for people to find it.
What do you guys think? @harsh Do you think you’d be able to replicate this design, but with our webapp styleguides? @nir can share the figma with you.
After that, I’d start creating small tasks on github, so we can start building this publicly step by step and post bounties on gitcoin.


I will surely try to replicate the design with Yup accent. I will need many Yup assets.