Ambassador Program Outline

I would like to propose an Ambassador Program for various community roles.

  1. Support Ambassadors: Discord mods to help new & old users in need with issues like onboarding, FAQs, etc.

  2. Dev/Tech Ambassadors: Who can build things for Yup protocol.

  3. Marketing & Outreach Ambassadors: Those who can publish articles, videos etc. and those who can setup podcasts, AMAs, meetings with influencers.

All of these will be rewarded according to their work submitted on monthly basis.

@PBJ @nir @daniiba

If you agree, like and comment your opinions.


Very good idea, In many crypto projects they manage ambassadors, either by language, country and depending on what they do for the project.


I agree with it, but rather this would be out of DISCORD, because whether, we are collaborators and now the nomination of moderators is underway.

Now as for what was raised by @cryptoleon also support, since social ideosincracy is not the same, nor in ideoma, country and within them, its regions or customs, as they are in very large countries territorially as in population, But finally, step to step.


Hey Harsh,

This is great. We’ve essentially set up what you described above using DAO Quests, which are similar to Github Bounties, and working on expanding it as we speak.

We would love to get you involved in one of these roles and/or helping coming up with more Quest ideas.

So far we’re already started on your first two roles, i.e. having monthly Discord users and bringing on more community devs (like @andrei0x309, who’s been a tremendous builder), but could definitely looking to outsource more outreach to the community!

Here’s a link to the DAO Quests if you’re curious!



I would like to get involved in every possible role I find.

I’ve been to Ocean Protocol Ambassador. They have a really unique and creative way of onboarding Ambassadors, by certifying them. They offer learning course that explains how Ocean Protocol works, they take tests after each lesson and those who completes the course can finally join as an Ambassador.

We can prepare similar mechanism of leaning and testing of Mods. So that everyone knows mods are capable of help. This is particularly for Discord Mods. Let me know what you think on this.


Excited to have you :slight_smile:

That’s a reallly cool idea. Let’s discuss this in the community meeting