Allocating Treasury Funds to Coordinape and DAO Quests


  • PBJ
  • Maryme


YUP Treasury = The treasury of the Yup DAO, managed at treasury.yup.eth

Coordinape = Tool for recognizing and rewarding DAO contributors

DAO Quests = Platform for discovering and taking on DAO tasks 
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Coordinape and DAO quests serve as our main channels for DAO members to participate in community-driven tasks and receive compensation for their contributions. In order to move forward with these tools, we must to come to consensus on how much of Yup’s DAO treasury should be dedicated to these channels.

In order to accomodate for growth and variability across time, we propose a flexible-budget plan that sets a max-per-month limit for DAO Quests rather than a steadfast number each month.


cool and important!

please add your thoughts

Hello, a very good idea, although it would be bad. Maybe two things.

  1. A tokenomic updated for the purpose of having an idea or refreshing the same, and knowingly knowing where we are standing.
  2. Establish possible logical examples of the margins for this treasury.
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