Here is the major redesign of

I’ve introduced badges for users, curator/creator/user leaderboard, ALL-IN-ONE APP for Yup.
Everything is according to Yup assets except fonts, I hope team will ignore that mistake.

Screenshot 2021-08-23 191352

Here’s Figna Link:

Please comment your thoughts.


The idea looks great, with more information on I think more people would spend more time on the site and it would become a social network.

I like the top curators and the badges.

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Totally agree! Top curators and badges are a great way to incentivize quality/thoughtful curation on Yup


the idea looks great! Will want to keep diving deeper into this:

  • love the governance section here, as well as finance of course
  • badges might be confused with categories if both are emojis, though I do like it.
  • the tabs are cool
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Thanks for feedback.

Badges are simply like blue tick on twitter or Instagram. They shows that the user have done some work with the team or is creator or is NFT collector etc.