Account duplication

Hello good afternoon
By mistake instead of trying to log in with my YUP account I made a new registration by twitter from which a new account was made with the same user of the first account that was created via email, the problem is that when I log in with the data of the account created by email I find that the data are those of the account created by twitter where I have 0.1 YUP.

I want to know if you can find a solution where I can return to use normally the account created by email and not leave me as if it were a new account.

EOS Account: luiscartistx

EOS Account from Twitter registration: luiscartisti

Since both accounts have different usernames, you can login using that, so you can log in on your old account using user: luiscartista password: YOUR_PASSWORD

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I think I did not explain well: When I log in to the extension with the data of the first account made by email and the password, what I see is the data of the second account made by twitter and that has 0.1 YUP.

And YES, I log in via email and with the PASSWORD of that account made via email but I get the data of the account made by Twitter.

I said to log in using username and password, not email and password.

So input your old username which is luiscartista and the password for that account.

When log in DON’T input an email use username instead of email.

Hola, ya eso lo hice y sigue saliendo como si fuera nueva cuenta en la extensión, cuando presiono el perfil me envía a la aplicación y me salen los votos de la cuenta normal pero con influencia de la nueva cuanto luiscartista tiene influencia 50 y otro monto en yup. Intente abrir la cuenta en otra computadora y me abrió una cuenta nueva luiscartisti