Access to the YUP stalking option exclusively with an ETH/Polygon account

Talking to a friend he told me why YUP does not give the option to access the YUP staking option without depending on a YUP account but only with a shareable wallet and an ETH/Polygon account to do the staked process.

This option would be exclusive for the one who just wants to add liquidity and use the staking option, and if that person wants to be a content curator he can create his account depending on the amount of liquidity he is contributing, or fulfill the normal requirements of any user: Twitter, Email, or ETH account.

But in short it would be a lite version for those who just want to add liquidity and do the staking.

What do you think of the idea?


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you shouldn’t need to create an account, just log in with ethereum wallet. Are you still having this issue? Try to click connect in top right.

Hi @nir If I click here it tells me that I need to log in to my YUP account first, like the image below

If I click here it gives me the option to login with my eth account but it gives an error when completing the process.

This error.

fixed by team. thanks for the feedback!