About yup protocol NFTs

I think there should be NFTs for yup procotol and NFTs should be use in many things like if any one own any nft you can give extra feature of yup. I can’t tell about use case of nft but I thought about this.
There are many projects that own NFTs and those NFTs useful in their project

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i like this idea. how would you want to reward NFT holders beyond current creator rewards?

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Bro I think

(1.) NFTs holder should receive maximum reward according to his rating but who don’t have nft he will receive maximum amount of is ( x ) he can’t get yup greater than x in a day
Because now days many people receiving yup more than 200 or 300.
You can set (x) value like 50 or 100

(2.). Nft Holder can withdraw maximum amount yup 1000 or (x)( according you)
But non nft Holder can withdraw 100 or (x according you)

(3 ) and more features you can add for Nft like nft staking or more

(4) you can add more updates in future :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(5) you can giveaway some free nft it brings more people on yup.