This happens to me everyday, at least twice a day, I vote, my rating power gets decreased but the vote is never received, I know this because I checked with telegram's bot made by Aaron Walls to see who voted for that exact tweet and my user is nowhere to be found in the votes list. I get discouraged when this happens because I'm literally burning my rating power.
I went into my YUP's profile and the tweet appears in the "activity" tab, however it says it only has one vote, which is false because if I go to the original tweet and check how many votes it has, it has over 10 votes. This has been happening to me constantly in the last few days, sometimes I burn 50% of my rating power in tweets that never receive my vote.
I'm aware there's more people facing the same problem, so it would be great if you guys could take a look at this problem and see if there's a possible solution.
My username is:
Here's an example of a tweet that never rewarded me and where my vote was never received: